The Eziweigh7i weigh scale is bluetooth enabled to help record live weight gain data easily.  With storage capacity to hold 50 weighing sessions and 10,000 records.

Bluetooth enabled

Record live weight gains

Fully EID Capable. The EziWeigh7i indicator is designed specifically to connect to Tru-Test's XRP panel reader but is compatible with other brands of EID readers including stick/handheld readers

VID capable. The EziWeigh7i enables visual identity number entry to cross reference with EID.

USB Compatible. Direct and easy communications with PCs and laptops through USB cable.

Drafting capability. Capable of three-way manual drafting by weight.

High visible display. The EziWeigh7i has a large 35 mm display with a super bright white LED backlight to make it viewable in all conditions, from the brightest daylight conditions to darkness.

Durable case. All Tru-Test products are designed for the tough agricultural environment. The EziWeigh7i takes this to a new level with double walled construction and rubber corner buffers for extra protection.

Memory and storage capacity. The EziWeigh7i holds a memory capacity of 50 weighing sessions and 10,000 records.

Statistics. Statistics from previous weighing sessions can be recalled.

Compatible. The EziWeigh7i indicator is compatible with all load sensors currently available in the Tru-Test range. No calibration is required as EziWeigh7i automatically recognises the load sensing device connected.

EziWeigh7i is compatible with the XRP panel reader.

Download the EziWeigh Data Sheet

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EziWeigh 7i

  • Product Code: 61515
  • £885.96

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