This race, designed with Highland cattle in mind, incorporates an access cubicle for easy and secure access to the rear of a cattle handling crate.

Main Features

Access Cubicle (337G-400)

  • Provides easy access to the rear of the cattle handling crate
  • Creates a secure area for the operator
Sheeted Hurdle (337G-500)

  • All welded construction
  • Clad in 1.6mm steel plate with safe edges formed all round
Race Joiner (337G-600)

  • Secures the race hurdles at the correct centres
  • Allows tapering in at the base of the hurdles. Ideal for younger stock

Length 337G-400 / 500 990mm / 2,000mm
Width 337G-400 / 500 700mm / 50mm
Height 337G-400 / 500 1,290mm / 1,300mm
Weight 337G-400 / 500 85kg / 62kg

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Highland Cattle Race & Access Cubicle

  • Product Code: Highland Cattle Race & Access Cubicle
  • £2,096.00

    (exclusive of VAT)

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