Main features

  • All hot dipped galvanised finish
  • All sheet metal is 'safe edged'
  • Self locking ratchet style catch with spring loaded slip bolts on sweep gate
  • 'Creeper' gate eliminates corner traps for stock
  • 'Bolt down' positions for fixed installations
  • Large sized fork lift pockets are incorporated.  150x100 mm

Main benefits:

  • Portable or fixed applications
  • Easily handled by forklift or pallet tines on front loader
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Can transport up to 20 x2.5 m (8') cattle hurdles including pins
  • Unique 'creeper' gate eliminates corner trap when operating the main sweep gate
  • Easy access to and from the holding area
  • Operator is behind the cattle and sweep gate whilst in operation
  • Proven successful with horned cattle

Length 3,350 mm
Transport Width 2,450 mm
Working Width 5,500 mm
Height 2,260 mm
Weight 965kg

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Stock Cube

  • Product Code: 320GLR
  • £5,008.00

    (exclusive of VAT)

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