HD Series - heavy duty loadbars

The HD loadbars are designed for permanent installations where extra capacity and durability are required. HD loadbars are especially suited for use under cattle crushes. Their industrial strength construction makes them the loadbar of choice for feedlots and cattle operations where there are severe loadings and high usage rates.

The HD Series is heavy duty

The unique foot assembly, which utilises a special load-centering cup, absorbs the tremendous side loads generated by large animals running into the ends of crates and crushes, without damage to the load sensing cells. Loads of up to 3,000 kg are no problem for the HD loadbars, with capacity increasing to a maximum of 6,000 kg when 4 HD loadbars are used together. The use of a heavy-duty galvanised steel housing ensures that the HD loadbar is both strong and resistant to corrosion. To ensure that the HD Series loadbars arrive in good condition each loadbar is individually packaged.


Tru-Test indicators automatically identify and calibrate to any Tru-Test loadbar connected. The HD loadbar is therefore compatible with all indicators in the Tru-Test range without the need for further calibration.

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Tru-Test Loadbars

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