Main features

  • Full Type-approved for road transport (<750kg)
  • Hydraulic ram lift/lowering of wheels
  • Combi Clamp, 3-way shedder and lead up ramp stay in line 
  • Ready to use once the trailer is lowered
  • Set up for left or right hand operation
  • Can carry up to 12 Ritchie Aluminium hurdles
  • Suitable for weighing set up

Trailer will carry

  • 1 x Combi Clamp No. 669G
  • 1 x Three Way Shedding Gate No. 669G-300
  • 1 x Auxiliary Frame No. 669G-600
  • 12 x Ritchie Aluminium Hurdles 3306AL
  • 20 x Joining pins No. 155GP

Pictures show option extras including:

  • Combi Clamp unit
  • 3 way shedding gate
  • Weighing equipment
  • Auxiliary Frame Assembly
Length 5,400 mm
Width 2,060 mm
Height 490 mm
Weight 305 kg
Gross Weight 750 kg

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Combi Clamp Trailer

  • Product Code: 3669G-A2000
  • £4,760.00

    (exclusive of VAT)

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