Combi Clamp - Gold Medal Honour

Combi Clamp - Gold Medal Honour

Ritchie are delighted to announce that their Combi Clamp has been awarded a gold medal for product innovation at this year’s Royal Highland Show at Ingliston.  The award was presented to Dr Andrew R Edwards, Marketing and Business Development Manager from Ritchie by Mr J. Mackie, Chief Steward of Outdoor Trade Stands at Ingliston House on 20th June 2015.

“We are honoured that the Combi Clamp has been recognised for such a prestigious award,” said Dr Edwards. “It is a credit to all those involved, from the original idea through to the development, manufacture and supply of each Combi Clamp which has been making life easier and safer for sheep farmers for years. Coincidently this award has been presented as Ritchie have launched our all new Combi Clamp trailer at this year’s Royal Highland Show."

The Combi Clamp is a New Zealand designed, UK manufactured, sheep handling implement used for dagging, drenching, vaccinating, tagging and foot trimming of sheep and goats.  This labour saving device allows the sheep to run up the race to the clamp to be at a convenient height to carry out the required tasks without any back-breaking, manhandling of the sheep. A simple foot treadle plate utilises the operator’s weight to securely and safely clamp the sheep in the Combi Clamp allowing animal husbandry tasks to be completed with minimal stress to the beast or operator.  The clamp width can be adjusted to allow small lambs, pregnant ewes or even large breeds to be accommodated comfortably.  The Combi Clamp has been modified over the years and can now be upgraded to carry out digital weighing, EID reading with auto-shedding, and various options are available for making the Combi Clamp unit mobile, including an ATV kit and the all new, road-legal trailer.

New Products

At this year’s Royal Highland Show, Ritchie will be launching a number of new and innovative products that complement our agricultural portfolio.

Combi Clamp Trailer – a new ‘drop-and-use’ trailer has been introduced for use with the award winning Combi Clamp.  This affordable addition to the Combi Clamp range, is a high quality, road legal trailer that makes it simple to move the Combi Clamp and get straight into those sheep handling tasks.  RRP - £3,375

Root and Grain Bucket XL – the popular Root and Grain bucket now has a BIG brother, with an increase in capacity of approximately 50%.  This unit allows potatoes, beet and grains to be effectively chopped and distributed into feed troughs or onto the floor. RRP - £5,900

Cosy Calf Pen – hygienic, housing for calf groups. RRP from - £1,800

Texwall – a fabric, temporary, bulk wall solution for grain, woodchip, etc.

Stock Cube II – a rethink of our ORIGINAL mobile forcing system, that now allows the operator to set up for a left or right sweep of the cattle. RRP – £4,300