Animal Productivity Health and Welfare Grants

Animal Productivity Health and Welfare Grants

Farmers can apply to the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) for a grant to fund technology that improves the health and productivity of their livestock.This grant is part of the Countryside Productivity Scheme

How much funding is available

Grants will cover up to 40% of the total eligible costs of the proposal.This grant is a small grant, which means applicants can only apply for from £2,500 to £35,000. 

What the grant will fund

Static handling and weighing systems

Applicants can apply to fund a static (not mobile) handling and weighing system for cattle and sheep, provided it has all of the following:

  • a fixed electronic identification (EID) reader to read the tags of each animal
  • electronic weighing facilities linked to the EID
  • a non-slip race facility to hold and isolate individual animals
  • recognised industry guidance, for example the Scottish Agricultural College’s technical note 565 and technical note 606 or the Eblex handling manuals
  • endorsed by the applicant’s vet for its design and size, how it benefits specific husbandry needs and how it uses chosen industry guidance
  • designed to minimise the risk of pollution

The proposed system needs to be able to do all the following:

  • sort and load livestock
  • support condition monitoring
  • support the performance of key husbandry tasks like worming, vaccinating, scanning, foot trimming, shearing and dipping

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Other funding available

Costs that are not eligible for funding

How to apply

Evidence to send with an application

After applying


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